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ANGLER Fluke (Summer Flounder) Fishing

THE ANGLER IS THE NUMBER 1 FLUKE BOAT!   We consistently catch more Fluke.

WE ARE THE FIRST BOAT OUT IN THE MORNING!   ANGLER Fluke trips leave at 7:00 AM every day seven days a week.   This gets us to the fishing grounds first and catching Fluke before other boats arrive!   We also get back to the dock at 2:00 PM and you beat a lot of shore traffic on your way home.

FLUKE (Summer Flounder) FISHING - Fluke are a summertime visitor to our local waters.   While they look like a larger version of our Winter Flounder, they are a different species.   Most of the fish caught in our area weigh between one and four pounds, but quite a few Fluke from four to eight pounds are taken.   Occasionally, anglers will catch bigger fish that weigh over ten pounds (the current New Jersey state record Fluke weighs about 20 pounds.)

Danielle Kreda caught her 7½-pound Fluke aboard the ANGLERFluke fishing in our area starts in late May and continues into September.   Early season fishing is done in the shallow waters of Sandy Hook Bay and around the "tip" of Sandy Hook.   As the season progresses the fish spread out through the Sandy Hook and Raritan Bays, as well as into local rivers.   By mid-summer Fluke are caught both in the ocean and in the bays.   In the late summer and early fall, Fluke fishing centers on the many deep-water channels throughout the New York-New Jersey area.   During this time, Fluke congregate on the channel edges, feeding heavily before beginning their fall offshore migration.

Jim Hennessey caught his 13¼-pound Fluke aboard the ANGLERWhile Fluke look a lot like our Winter Flounder, fishing techniques differ significantly.  The most popular baits for Fluke are frozen and fresh spearing, sand eels, squid, Fluke belly and live Killiefish (a local minnow).   We recommend using light tackle spinning or conventional rods and reels, and monofilament line from 10 to 30 lb. test.   The typical Fluke rig we use is a one-hook rig with a 2 to 8 ounce sinker.   We use a 2/0 or 3/0 size Sproat or English-style hook tied to about 30 inches of 20-25 lb. test monofilament leader.   The leader is then tied to a three-way swivel.   A sinker clip attached to the swivel allows you to easily change sinkers.

Like most party boats, we always fish for Fluke from a drifting boat.   Anglers let their line down to the bottom and slowly raise their rod tip from two to six inches every few seconds.   This action makes the bait look like fleeing prey.   When you feel the extra weight of a fish hanging on, count to five before gently but firmly setting the hook, and then have a good time reeling it in.   Our mates will net keeper-sized fish, but we suggest you simply lift small fish aboard before unhooking and returning them to the water.

The 2018 New Jersey recreational Fluke season is open for 121 days from May 25 through September 22.   Like last year, the minimum size is 18 inches and the possession limit is 3 fish